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Team members have over 30 years of combined experience in design, development & project management with key industry players in the videogame field (Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Nintendo, Forgotten Empires). We have been involved in a wide range of game & design related projects and have experience in game design, game development, art & illustrations, management, software design & programming and gamification solutions to support research projects and boost user engagement.



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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

The Ballad Singer is an interactive book made video game. The game developed by Curtel Games is not for everyone, but it sure is incredibly rich and deep.


A great graphic adventure that will capture fans of role-playing games.

8.2 / 10

We recommend the title to lovers of the RPG genre and graphic adventures and in general to anyone who wants to enjoy in peace a beautiful story told really well.

8.4 / 10

I still find “The Ballad Singer” beta to be a well-made visual novel/RPG that offers an interesting story.

4 / 5

The Ballad Singer is more of an interactive novel than anything, where you get to decide the progression! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s yours, then you can look forward to a rich, spicy chai of choices!

8.6 / 10

“The Ballad Singer” is a wonderful game that lets us dive into another world and time.

8.8 / 10

Pour conclure, The Ballad Singer est un Roman Visuel complet, et magnifique. Les illustrations sont d’une beauté exceptionnelle….

8 / 10

The Ballad Singer è un piccolo gioiello della narrativa a bivi. Un titolo in grado di restituire un’esperienza a metà tra il gioco di ruolo e il libro game.

9 / 10

The Ballad Singer si dimostra essere un inaspettato gioiello, in special modo se si pensa che un titolo così curato e innovativo è nato nel nostro Paese.

8.5 / 10

The Ballad Singer conferma appieno, oltre alle più nostre rosee aspettative, quanto di buono e bello abbiamo visto

9 / 10

Le diramazioni narrative si ispirano alla Teoria del Caos, ovvero lo studio, attraverso modelli matematici, …

8.5 / 10

The Ballad Singer è un po’ il Dark Souls dei librogame…



The Ballad Singer

A hooded man walks in the rain holding a stick as high as he is. He has just left the magic tower of Balanor and he is unwilling to get back there shortly. He has things to do, his new life is about to begin. He can hear his heart beating loud as he treads the path, under a dark and cloudy sky, as livid as the anguish filling his soul. A good soul, who has decided not to limit his actions to reach his goals.


XTeam Games, in collaboration with Curtel Games, led all the development activities for The Ballad Singer.


Retaliation Path of Rome

The mission of Retaliation is to make the spirit of wargaming available to everyone, casual gamers and seasoned strategists alike.

To achieve this, it skirts away from the most tedious aspects of many wargames, where the work-to-fun ratio is too high (extreme examples are the so called “monster” wargames, that take more than a few continuous days of play to complete).


About 100 different missions, with either single or multiple objectives


5 difficulty levels, from very easy to very hard: with different world resources, starting money, initial reputation…


The player has the possibility to build more than 50 structures to complete the missions.


Units are arranged in groups, which are commanded by officers, controlling the movement and formation of the groups.



Dartanan is a classic platform game in a similar style of Nintendo’s classic Super Mario. The player is a “dwarf” version of D’Artagnan (from Alexander Duma’s Three Musketeers). The player needs to jump over platforms, kill enemies, avoid traps, and collect coins, in a quest to  to free his penguin friend, who has been captured by a villain.


Hearing aid calibration/assessment for children


Fun, fast, and colourful, in order to engage the players, especially children, who enjoy this particular kind of game.


With each mini-game focussing on a different aspect of how hearing aids work.


The player unlocks a new mini-game after progressing through each level.


PLUGGY Match 3

Puzzle games and especially match 3 puzzlers have been in the limelight of mobile game top grossing lists for as long these lists have existed – and it seems that they are not going anywhere. This, of course, might not surprise many of us: match 3 games are easy to learn, simple to play and don’t take much of your time to get that sweet, addictive feeling of accomplishment.


UI scales across different (portrait) resolutions, game objects are pooled to keep the amount of garbage generated at runtime to a minimum and sprite atlas are used extensively in order to reduce the number of draw calls.

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